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The Sims 3 is the third installment of The Sims franchise/series. Its creation was confirmed on November 2, 2006, by EA chief financial officer Warren Jenson who said, "Yes, there's a Sims 3 in development and it's likely to be a fiscal'09 title." In July 2007 AI researcher Richard Evans, who is... What are all of the cheats for SIMS 3? | Yahoo Answers I have heard of a few of them. For example, if you you want 50,000 dollars, you hold ctrl + shift + c and type 'motherlode' but what are the others??? I heard there is one for letting teens woohoo, get preggers, and get married on sims 3. Is this true? What is the cheat? What are some other cheats? Do you know how you can force a meeting or something at your business? Sims 3 Sims - The Sims Resource TSR started August 1999 as the very first The Sims fansite. Today it’s the largest The Sims community in the world. We offer more custom content than any other site and it's all for free!

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The Sims 3 Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC - GameFAQs Lists all available commands at the moment. help: Puts the game in slow motion. Optional parameter, value 0 = normal speed and 8 = slowest. slowMotionViz Resets the lifetime happiness of all the sims in an active household. ResetLifetimeHappiness: Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home. The Sims3 Expansion Bundle for PC/Mac | Origin Take Sims of all generations on the adventure of their lives with The Sims 3 Expansion Bundle.Your Sims will journey to exotic destinations to hunt for hidden treasures in The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack. Uncover new skills, experience new personality traits, and garner rewards … if your Sims succeed!

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Dec 10, 2016 · Hello guys! Today I decided to redo, merge and update on all woohoo spots in The Sims 3.

Hi everyone. I've been playing Sims 4 for a while on ps4, and I like it, I really do, but it doesn't feel like Sims and Sims 2 did for me. (I've never played Sims 3 but would love to) So.. what laptop should I be looking at to get both, plus all expansions? Is there such a thing? I'm in uk but any and all advice would be welcomed. Thankyou 🙂

The Sims 3 has added the ability to complete “quest type” achievements within the game. Below, you will find the complete list of initial Sims 3 Achievements, along with their type (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum). TSR - marcorse I played Sim City in the early days,through all it's evolutions, then on to the Sims themselves, through V. 1 and, 2 and now 3 . . . I loved Sims 1, didn't care for the gameplay in Sims2 . .but easily became addicted to building for Sims3. The Sims 3 App Review