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Spanish 21 is like regular 21 (blackjack) with more options, providing more fun ... has placed a basic wager may make an additional Match-The-Dealer wager ... The Basic Rules of Spanish Blackjack: BlackjackOnlineTrainer Spanish 21. Spanish Blackjack has each of the ten cards detached from the deck, which is a very extraordinary variation. They are not used at the game and like ... Blackjack and Spanish 21: What Is the Difference between These Two ... The following rules are considered the basic set for Spanish 21. ... will find that some of the best strategies in standard blackjack are good to use in Spanish 21,  ...

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We'll risk busting some hard totals if we have four, five or six cards to take a chance on a bonus 21. Let's take a look at basic strategy for Spanish 21, as extreme a blackjack game as you're likely to see. Spanish 21 strategy for hard totals. Always stand with totals of 18 or more, and hit with totals of 8 or less. Difference Between Blackjack and Spanish 21 - Compared with blackjack, Spanish 21 offers the player a lot more options, which can make the game a lot more exciting – and challenging. But giving the player more options reduces the house edge, so Spanish 21 compensates by using an altered deck. Let’s take a closer look at all these differences between blackjack and Spanish 21:

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Spanish 21 - Rules, Tips and FreePlay for Spanish Blackjack Spanish 21 Blackjack, although having a longer list of rules to become familiar with, is definitely a preferred version of blackjack for those players looking to claim large payouts from card games. Question about Spanish 21 basic strategy - Blackjack and Aug 22, 2010 · According to Spanish 21 Basic Strategy, you should not double 9 against 2. However, if you do double, and you end up with less than 17, it would not be correct to surrender, because you will win (ie the dealer will bust) more than 25% of the time, which is the cut-off for surrendering.

The advice to Stay Away From Spanish-21 is a simplistic rule aimed at the half-snockered tourist who barely knows how to play 21 and doesn't know anything about how to play Spanish-21. If you take the time and effort to learn the rules of Spanish-21 and learn the Basic Strategy that is unique to Spanish-21, then you should indeed be fine with it.

Spanish 21. Given how popular blackjack has proven to be around the world, it’s only natural that many have tried to change or build on the basics of the classic in order to create new challenges for players.One of the most popular of these attempts is Spanish 21, a game that can be found in many brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as many Internet gaming sites. Super Fun 21 - Wizard of Odds Super Fun 21 is a blackjack variation found at lots of casinos in Las Vegas. There are lots of liberal rules offset by most blackjacks paying only even money. Double Down Surrender Strategy: The player should surrender after doubling down with either (1) 12 to 16 and the dealer has an 8 to ace, or ...